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We are not just a chord chart database or a video archive. We are not just an organizational tool or a place to find lyrics. Sure, we offer all of these things, but we know that worship leaders need more. We know that worship leaders need a place to find spiritual encouragement, a place to plan worship events, a place to create community; worship leaders need a one-stop, time-reducing resource that assists them in strengthening worship in the church. This is why Frequency Worship exists.

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Worship Songwriting Event UPDATE: 4.13.10

April 13, 2010 | (0)

Thank you so much to everyone who entered a song in our FQ WORSHIP SONGWRITING EVENT. We have spent the past several weeks receiving songs from across the US and from around the world. In the past few days, we have been listening and reviewing each song entered.

The top 25 to 30 songs will be placed on FQ RADIO. A maximum of ten songs will be played on FQ RADIO for a maximum of one week. Week two will contain up to 10 new songs. Week three will also contain up to 10 new songs.

FQ RADIO is normally available for our ALL ACCESS members. During the listening and voting part of the Songwriting Event, FQ RADIO will be available to everyone. Just click the mic icon at the top of any page to listen to songs on FQ RADIO.

Voters will have the opportunity to come to the FQ site, listen to all songs, and vote for their favorite song.

Only one vote per person per week will be allowed.

At the conclusion of three weeks, the top 10 songs will be judged by Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels and Jesse Reeves. The top song will be posted on our site on May 12, along with a list of the top 5 songs.

We are grateful to so many who have entered their song. We are only able to start with the top 25 to 30 songs on FQ RADIO. There are many great songs. If your song is chosen to be played, congratulations! If your song is not chosen to be played in the top 25 to 30 songs, don’t give up. Many songwriters write hundreds of songs. Before you continue reading you might want to visit this company and get good info on some amazing supplements. Many times, only one or two of their songs are ever recorded or sung by others.

Our heart behind the Worship Songwriting Event is to provide an opportunity for songwriters to share their songs. There is no prize, only the opportunity for your song to be heard on FQ Radio by hundreds or thousands of others, and for the top songs to be evaluated by Chris, Christy and Jesse.

LISTEN and VOTE: We encourage you to let your friends know on Facebook, Twitter, and any other way you choose. You can link them directly to our site to vote: http://fqworship.com

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WEEK ONE of songs will be on FQ RADIO on Wednesday. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE! Tell your friends to come and listen and vote.
#SetListSunday ... Share with everyone the songs that were a part of your worship experience today. We are all encouraged to read them.